USA -Investor Visa EB-5 Program

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Investment Amount​

900,000 USD

Processing Time

18-30 Months

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About USA -Investor Visa EB-5


This program was established in 1990, in an attempt to stimulate the economy in the United States of America. This program was designed for investors wishing to obtain permanent residence in America (the green card), by investing in existing investment projects within the various American economic sectors.


Benefits of the USA -Investor Visa EB-5


This program offers many benefits to any potential investor, among them:

  • The program provides direct investment without any complications, as it is one of the easiest programs in the procedures followed to obtain a green card.
  • Investment through a program that opens the investor multiple and unlimited investment opportunities in one of the largest economic markets around the world.
  • The investor and his family get the right to work in the United States of America.
  • The program gives the investor the opportunity to apply for US citizenship after obtaining a permanent residence visa for him and his family.

USA -Investor Visa EB-5 qualifications and requirements


One of the most important advantages of this program is that there is no age limit for the investor, and it does not require practical experience and it is not obligatory for him to be proficient in the English language and there is no requirement for a minimum educational level.

This program also allows the investor’s wife to include his unmarried children under the age of 21, and the investor must show proof of the source of funds for the investment amount and have a clean criminal record.



Cost of the USA -Investor Visa EB-5


The minimum investment amount stipulated is  900,000 USD. Other fees including government processing fees and security check fees apply to applicants.


Process and steps of the USA -Investor Visa EB-5


  1. Step one: Transfer  investment amount into an Escrow account.
  2. Step two: Submit investment petition to US government.
  3. Step three: Submit a conditional green card petition to the US government.
  4. Step Four: Relocate to USA upon grant of conditional green card.
  5. Step five: After two years of residence, submit a petition to remove conditions from the green card.
  6. Step six : Receive unconditional green card.
  7. Step seven: Apply for US citizenship.

Our Services


Reach Immigration plays an important role as a promoter for  the EB-5 investor visa program, we are at the forefront of providing a large variety of services to our clients, the most important of which are:

  • Consulting on procedures and requirements.
  • Consulting on investment through regional centers.
  • Providing regional center options and projects.
  • Assisting in submission of all applications and documentation.
  • Consulting on after landing procedures.
  • Consulting on Citizenship requirements.